Welcome to the Medical Device Software Development Summit Europe

As device developers of all sizes grapples with the updated transition timeline for EU MDR compliance and the recent EU AI Act approval falls short of expectations, the question looms: how can regulatory compliance align seamlessly with the pace of innovation?

Dedicated to shedding light on the intricate layers of European regulation, integrated cybersecurity features and forecasted uncertainties around AI, the 2nd Medical Device Software Development Summit Europe served as a pivotal platform to better align software innovation with compliance.

Join us in 2025, to connect with over 80 experts in Software Engineering, Regulatory Affairs, R&D Operations, Product Management and more to harmonise cross-functional objectives and encourage an industry-wide push for more robust regulations that enable fast-paced innovations.

Our 2024 Expert Speakers Included:

What Have Past Attendees Found Most Valuable?

"The conference exceeded all my expectation. The diverse formats, and state-of-art topics were engaging and educational. I was extremely fortunate to have made the time to attend the full conference."

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"The opportunity to share real-world experiences with others and to hear that we all have the same issues was incredibly helpful."

"A very interesting exploration of updates and changes to the software as a medical device landscape."

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