Robert Krejci

Robert Krejci

Company: BD Technologies

Job title: Senior Software Engineering Manager


Roundtable: Tools of the Trade: Unveiling Strategies from Industry Leaders to Optimize Software Development 4:30 pm

Gaining invaluable knowledge from industry leaders as they reveal the top tools employed through the software development timeline, empowering you with insights to elevate your practices Exploring a curated selection of tools endorsed by leaders, learning how their strategic use enhances efficiency, collaboration, and innovation across various stages of software development Discovering how leveraging specific software can be a…Read more

day: Conference Day One

Panel Discussion: Empowering Quality: Shifting Left in Medical Device Software Development 1:00 pm

Embracing the “shift-left” approach in medical device software development by prioritizing early and consistent testing for enhanced product quality Integrating a culture of testing early and often to interactively enhance the development process and ensure robustness and compliance in medical device software Strategically shifting left in the development lifecycle to optimize quality assurance and deliver safer and…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

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